Painting home interiors

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Painting your home is inspiring and promising as it replicates your personalities, lifestyles, perceptions and creativity in designing. Simultaneously, it’s very complicated to choose the perfect colors, products and its properties, various color schemes that matches with your interior style or theme. It’s extremely important to know few expected reasons before you get started with painting scenario. Firstly, it transforms the appearance of the building structure, be it interiors or exteriors by hiding defects namely cracks, holes, patches, wrong levels, ugly offsets. Secondly, it acts as shield for plastered walls, protects from water seepage and direct sunlight effect, so it offers higher durability. Thirdly, it provides sense of liveliness and perfection to the design. 

Have a look at simple design tweaks to get you through best painting services offered:

  1. Choose the color scheme that replicates interior style:

It’s very common about getting the interiors done according to a specific style or theme in this modern era. Several factors including various painting color schemes influences and enhances the interiors beauty to great extent when done in perfect manner. For a modern or contemporary, neutral and muted color scheme, for a traditional style, warm colors or gold or silver, for a vintage or eclectic styles, bold or vibrant colors  characterizes the style way more greatly. 


  1. Get to know about numerous paint types:

Types of paints are classified based on its available form, color application, appearance, working quality, uses and merits.

  • Lime wash or White wash basically used for whitening walls.
  • Distemper paints are water-based or paste form paints, cost effective and better version white wash and used for both interiors and exteriors.
  • Cement-based paints also a water based paint, known for its durability, used for concrete coating or decorative for walls.
  • Oil paints are harder and thicker, usually comes with glossy or smooth finish, eco-friendly and used for painting walls and any metallic surfaces.
  • Enamel paint is oil based with extra glossy finish, great appearance, durability and stain-resistance, perfect for interiors or exterior as it can withstand any environmental factors.
  • Emulsion paints are mix of water and oil based, highly recommended for exteriors and less for interiors.
  • Textured paint gives artistic look, leaves the wall with sense of touch and great visual look.
  • Galaxy painting creates unique patterns or design on the walls.


  1. Functionality:

You come across two situations when you are planning to paint a home, one is painting an old home, it is highly challenging and shades are to be considered to match, painting a new home has numerous options and preferences to enhance aesthetics and joy of living and well-being.

Creating accent wall paints stands as focal point to the room. As the color enhances mood levels and identification, it is always recommended to select according to the functionality. Kids prefer more exciting and inspiring colors, give them vibrant color scheme can actually do wonders. Giving Master bedroom luxurious and decent color schemes also serve its purpose greatly.


  1. Paint application:

Applying paint on the walls or surfaces is highly challenging as it shows variation in designs based on the way of application. Application types include using brush, roller, pad, spray and masking tape. Each type has got its uniqueness lies in its characteristics.

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