Selecting the best Wallpaper for you home sweet home

Selection is nothing more than choosing the right one not the best one. The False ceiling and wallpaper work in pair, it’s like one single theme is adopted and both the false ceiling/normal ceiling and wallpaper reflect that choice. The wallpaper now comes in washable material, so you don’t have to worry about any spillage you can later clean it with a wet cloth.

To choose wallpaper follow the below given tips:

  1. Very first step is to determine the decoration type of room
  • Traditional way
  • Fashion oriented
  • Casual finish
  • Romantic setup
  • For kids


  1. To choose wallpaper decide whether:
  • You are going to cover all walls
  • One of the walls is featured
  • You prefer flat or textured
  • There will be skirting or chair rail
  • Chair rail is used, if so, you can diversify color scheme


  1. Do the math for the art
  • Calculate the area you want to cover (Wall width x Wall height = Covered Area)
  • Add all four or thee walls area to yield square feet wallpaper you need
  • Consider the duct fitting required for door, windows, closets, exhaust fan, etc.
  • Have some spare wallpaper for contingency
  • After all these decisions most important is to hire a professional to get job done




Assisting you to make the Choice:

Wallpaper installation are not a major work but need professional to install and are usually carried out every two years,  choose the best option available, costs may be bothering you a bit but its elegance worth it. You can visit our website ask for a free estimate for your project, a diverse and wide array of choices waits for you.

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