A Leap Towards Modern Interior Décor

Since the inception of the idea of home, man has been working on improving the amenities and beautification of it. As observed in the consumer market homeowners are curiously exploring different ways of adding us to their living space, false ceiling and wallpaper are widely in the practices.

Taking your pick:

The word of interior decoration has a wide range of options to select but the basic principle is the same you have to choose a false ceiling and wallpaper in parallel. The ceiling should complement the wallpaper you choose. The general rule is ceiling should be of a lighter tone than wallpaper.

Basic guideline principle:

  1. Lighter tone ceiling if the room is stuffy and has a lower level of natural light incoming.
  2. For a dramatic look pick two to three tones darker ceiling compared to the wall.
  3. Color choice of false ceiling and wallpaper is determined by keeping in mind the size of the room as a false ceiling itself makes the room look smaller, for cozier look choose dark tones. For a more spacious look, you should use matching light colors.
  4. In the choice of false ceiling and wallpaper, another option is available but it is mostly unexplored, the wood-toned. While choosing a wooden tone one must stick to the minimalist concept and keep the least pieces of furniture possible.

Technical Aspect of  False Ceiling and Wallpaper:

False ceiling and wallpaper are the face of your room that cover grey structure or raw walls and put blinds on any kind of wiring and structure behind.

These false ceiling and wallpaper installations also act as insulation to maintain the room temperature and keep the noise isolated. The wallpaper installed is washable you don’t have to worry about any spillage you can later clean it with a wet cloth. The false ceiling helps to better illuminate the room as the ceiling is fitted with lamps.

Some Types of false ceiling you can choose from:

  • Plaster of Paris Ceiling
  • Gypsum Ceiling
  • Wooden Ceiling
  • Metal Ceiling
  • Fiber Ceiling
  • Glass Ceiling
  • Cloth Made Ceiling


Some Tips to Account for:

Before starting any project, planning is crucial, better you plan it better is the results. Here are some points to ponder before starting:

  1. Determine what should be the height, the standard height is nine to ten feet between floor and ceiling
  2. Points where heavy electrical equipment is installed like a ceiling fan
  3. Illumination, lights are installed on the face of false ceiling owner should map the pattern of bulbs/LED lights as per requirement
  4. If you are planning to install a chandelier, smoke detectors, CCTV cameras, or any other type of accessory its access should be planned ahead
  5. All types of wiring like electrical, air conditioning, water lines should be carefully placed well before


Assisting you to make the Choice:

Wallpaper installation are major work and are usually carried out every two year, choose the best option available, costs may be bothering you a bit but its elegance worth it. You can visit our website https://gharbari.in/and ask for a free estimate for your project, a diverse and wide array of choices waits for you.

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